Crumplernomicon (meatrace) wrote in mad_geeks,

Welcome Geeks

Welcome to the Madison Gamers livejournal community! Glad you came around. If you live in or around the Madison area and are remotely interested in sci-fi/fantasy roleplaying, videogames, or just random geek stuff, feel free to join and post.

To my first order of business, and the reason i created this community: I am looking for 2 or 3 players relatively new to D&D or to D&D 3/3.5e, to join in a game that would be hosted at my home, which I would DM. If you're interested just respond here and let me know what sort of game or character you'd like to play and we'll see if you're compatable with my envisioned campaign!
here's a look at my game world
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