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coming out of the woodwork!

i see you all
all you people who joined my community
it makes me so happy!
so let's have a round of introductions.

my name is brandon. i'm a virgo. i like candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and bludgeoning my enemies to shit with a +3 maul. i am a geek in every fashion imaginable. i play games. i am an accused music snob. i'm a self-avowed film freak. and, well, i'm obviously using a computer to convey my message of geekiness to you. my current obsessions are playing halo with my gf/so/cse cleo_3315, and attempting to get a D&D game up and running. oh, and trying to mp3-enize my absurdly large compact disc catalogue.

i've lived in madison for a little over 11 years now, and i love it. i would never want to leave if i could find a damn job in the area.

but enough about me, who the fuck are all of you?!
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